Friday, May 21, 2004

Things I've heard about from R on this road trip

1. Cloud to ground lightning
2. Cumulonimbus clouds
3. 41st known Mersenne prime
4. Spectrophotometer

If you knew R like I know R, you would laugh too.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Road trip

I've been working pretty hard the past three or four days to get ready for driving to Indiana for D's graduation. I haven't put any clothes in the suitcase yet, but most other things are done. It took a long time to organize the one-page itinerary. It takes some effort to figure out the schedule and collect all the phone numbers, etc. I'm a believer in spreading information around, so hopefully somebody can find it when an emergency arises. Lord, keep us safe while traveling, help me not to get lost, or at least not to get frustrated when I do get lost! Keep the drivers awake.

We will be leaving our house with "strangers," Doro and her real mom and sister. We will also leave them with our second car. Lord, please keep the car running and keep them safe while driving it.

G gets to do this trip by airplane--lucky! But in exchange for that, he has to sit in boring meetings in Waxhaw for 4 days. Ugh. A is flying in from Boston too. We will have a mini family reunion with our family and also with my sister, her family and my brother. We were all together recently for Grandma's funeral so it is very unusual to see them twice in one year.

We are very proud of D. School and life have always been easy for him, but still he works hard and doesn't sluff off too much. He has grown up too over these past three years, and we're very proud of him. Lord, bless him, take care of him, guide him in his future. Draw him close to yourself and protect him with your hand.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Hormones and pheromones

I had not had a period for three months. I am, after all, an old woman who is quickly approaching menopause (I've already hit "mental pause.") Then a certain person, I won't mention who, came home with PMS and two days later my period started, as did hers. What is up with that?? Actually there's a name for it: synchronous menstruation.