Monday, January 03, 2011

Pink Macaroni and Cheese

I may have taken recycling to new hights with this gourmet dish--macaroni and cheese made from a leftover almond-encrusted holiday cheese ball! I just wish they had left out the red food coloring--yikes!

Questions For Me

I'm giving a little thought about my plan for Bible study this year. Here's my latest idea--slowly read a passage and ask myself these questions:
  • What should I know? That is, what knowledge or information is God wanting me to hold or be aware of?
  • How should I think/not think? (Maybe this is too similar to the above question?)
  • How should I feel/not feel? Recently I've become aware of how stupid it is when people say "I can't help how I feel." There are many, many examples of emotional commands in scripture, so I can only assume that God thinks we can control how we feel, at least to some degree.
  • What should I do/not do?
  • How should I treat/not treat people?
  • How should I pray/not pray?

I'm giving this a go with the book of I Peter. For instance, here is what I've gleaned so far from chapter 1
  • What should I know?
  1. I am chosen by God
  2. I have new life because of Jesus
  3. My faith is more precious than precious metals
  4. The price that was paid for my salvation was not imperfect gold but the sacrifice of the perfect lamb
  5. Christ was revealed to the world for my benefit
  6. My faith and hope in God are via Christ's death and resurrection
  7. Sincere love for others is possible if I obey the truth which purifies me
  8. The living and eternal word of God is what let me be born again
  9. The word of the Lord lives forever
  • How should I think/not think?
  1. I should expect some trials, but know they are for my good
  • How should I feel/not feel?
  1. I am filled with hope
  2. I look forward to blessings
  3. I am kept safe
  4. I should be glad
  5. I should not let my life be shaped by past desires
  • What should I do/not do?
  1. I should give thanks
  2. I should rejoice because I believe in and love Jesus
  3. I should be obedient to God
  4. I should be holy because He is holy
  5. I should be alert and ready
  • How should I treat/not treat people?
  1. I should love people earnestly with all my heart
  • How should I pray/not pray?

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Our Kids Move On

I felt sorry for my friend Barb today. She had to say goodbye to one son this morning who is headed for Afghanistan, then send her daughter and son-in-law off to East Asia to be missionaries. Last week it was Honduras to marry another son off--at least that was a happy occasion! I think she's going to need some emotional down-time!