Saturday, May 29, 2004

Things I saw on our trip to Indiana

1. A billboard along the highway that had the 10 commandments on it, but the writing was so small it would have cause a wreck if anyone slowed down to read it.

2. Trees. Lots of trees. We don't have enough of these in Texas.

3. Rest area with automatic hand washers. Insert hands, down comes 3 drops of soap, followed by water, followed by warm air.

4. Thanks to Caleb, we noticed the odometer with this reading:

5. Another billboard advertising DNA testing: Who is my daddy?

6. A "cemetery" full of small crosses to protest the innocents lost to abortion.

7. A gigantic cross, 198 feet tall, at the intersection of IH 57 and IH 70.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Interminable graduation

That's what it felt like last night. 640 names is a lot of names to listen to. We amused ourselves by sampling how many could be done in a minute then extrapolating how long the whole affair would take. At one point, somewhere around the G's, I looked over at G and he said, "Hey, ya wanna make out?" I replied, "Well, that would be less boring than this."

Then after the graduation it took almost as long again to find our graduate and get her to stop taking photos long enough to get her in the car. The dessert with friends after that was nice, then the graduates left for an all night party.

This morning when we got up to go to work we found a strange body asleep on one of the couches, too tired to drive home after staying up all night. Turns out she was a former gf. Now they're "just friends." Hmmm...

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Crossed wires

Literally. Something weird, very weird is going on with our phone this afternoon. The phone rang and it was a wrong number. It rang again and the same guy calling. I asked him what number he was trying to reach and it was no where close to our phone number. It rang a third time, same guy. He said, "Sorry, but my wife watched me dial and I dialed 555-5555." I asked him who he was trying to reach. When he told me Mr. X, a name I recognized as someone in our neighborhood! So I called my husband at work and told him to call me back. When he called me, Mrs. X answered from down the street! Yes, the X family and we have somehow switched phone numbers!! Mrs. X called SBC and they said they would send somebody out before 7pm tonight. So if you want to call me today, dial Mrs. X and I'll answer.

Blown head gasket

To be truthful, I don't even know what a head gasket is. But I know blowing one is not good. So today we have to decide which is cheaper: getting the old car fixed or buying a new old car. Of course, this happens just when my empty nest is crowded and all the chickadees want to drive somewhere. But as G says, "Eh, it's just money." And of course he is right. The problems in life that can be solved by money are the easy problems.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Go R!

Yay! R checked her test scores online when we got home and she passed the second of three standardized tests she needs for her teaching certificate. She didn't pass by much, but I guess that doesn't matter. She scored the highest by far on the essay section. Thank you, Lord, for helping her.

The nest is getting fuller

We are safely home from our trip. We did the college thing and drove all night instead of paying for a couple rooms at a hotel on the way home. D and his friend Caleb did most of the driving, which was great for me. We are all in some discomfort from the sunburns we got during the graduation ceremony.

So now D and all his stuff are home for the summer. It will take some time to get reorganized and get his stuff all out from the middle of the living room. He will need to think about repacking with putting some stuff into storage for when he moves out in late August. Wow, he is about to start a new phase of his life. I will no doubt be blogging about the sadness of losing my kids later in the summer; for now I have to deal with a nest that is getting full and by the time A and all his stuff arrive in June, will be bursting at the seams.