Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Clothes?

When I did the laundry on Saturday my favorite shirt came out with a hole in it. When I put my favorite nightgown on last night, I noticed a tear in it. And today when I put my cell phone in the pocket of my most comfortable pants, it slid through the hole in the pocket, down my leg, and landed on my toes.

I wonder if it is time to go shopping? Nah, probably not. After all, I have more shirts, another nightie, and other pants. I just need some new favorites.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time For Sleep

I'm off to bed soon, but had to post this photo of the beautiful bird that I didn't see in Ethiopia. But Andrew did, and he wrote to brag! It is the white morph of the African Paradise Flycatcher.

In other news, Gary is enjoying cold weather at the Puget Sound for a week, while I'm still sweating here in Dallas. Rachel's kids start school tomorrow, and Andrew and Laura have applied for her green card. I'm still working on posting my Ethiopia photos, and for my trouble, Google has informed me I'm using up too much of the cloud and will not have to start paying $20/year! Here's the link to my latest album.