Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sweet and Beautiful, but...

The smell is sweet and seductive, especially after dark. The flower is beautiful. It even tastes good.

But, this is what it does:

Not hard to think of ways to apply this concept to real life.

(Click here for more info on the invasive species, Japanese Honeysuckle.)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Life Goes On

I'm plugging away at with my slide scanning project. It is so tedious that I try to do one row of the tray per day. Many of these slides are totally useless, but a few will be worth making a web album of for the sake of posterity (ha, as if anyone really cares about that!).

We've had lots of rain lately, and the lake level has even risen noticeably. But today is clear and sunny, one of those days that makes you glad you're alive.

Our renters plan to move out soon, so I'm hoping they finish painting the outside of our house before they go. It has been nice to have them doing this work instead of paying rent--jobs that are hard for Gary or I to do (or else, we're too lazy to try).

Speaking of renters, Rachel is actively looking for new accommodations--the apartment she is in now is great in many ways, but the 2nd-hand smoke is intolerable.