Friday, May 27, 2005

The Fifth Wheel

Her words, not mine.

Rachel is off to Washington DC for the long weekend, a graduation gift from her brothers. She was all excited about going until this afternoon she realized that not only was she going to be hanging out with her brothers, but also with their girlfriends. They are all gathering in DC for the wedding of one of Andrew's friends who happens to also live in the same house as David. I reminded Rachel that weddings were a good place to meet cute guys. That cheered her up a little.

Besides the wedding, they plan to also go to the new Star Wars movie and maybe a museum or two.

Andrew phoned us from DC this afternoon, having just arrived from Africa. How he manages to travel here from Africa and back twice in less than a month is beyond me. But he said it was worth it it terms of his job. He was happy to report that yesterday he spent $90,000.00--on two trucks and 12 months of office rent, paid in advance.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Can I Borrow Your Baby?


Rachel loves children. I guess it is good she has chosen elementary education as a career. She asked me the other day what I would think if, in the case that she never married, she adopted a child.

Speaking of adopted children, pray with me for a family in our church who is in the process of adopting an older child who has many emotional and behavioral issues. Ask God to work in the child's life and to give every member of the adoptive family wisdom, grace, and patience.