Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward Juveniles

No, I'm not talking about 13 year old humans. I'm talking about all the odd looking birds I'm seeing in my back yard these days.

It seems that the wing feathers grow out faster on baby birds and the feathers on their heads and necks look very strange for a few weeks at least. I've seen this odd cardinal, and a very odd-looking mockingbird, too.

We continue to get a large variety of birds in the back yard looking for water during this drought.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bad Day? Depends...

It started out with what I considered to be an inappropriate and somewhat threatening email that made me angry. Then there were the "you're invisible" interactions. Then, I overdrew my checking account.

I was beginning to think I was having a bad day.

But, to be fair, I must also say that a cheerful colleague stopped me in the hallway to ask about my new grandchild and to pray for him and his parents right then and there. Then I along with 300 of my closest colleagues celebrated the 89th birthday of one of our own scholars. Lastly, the guy at Taco Bueno gave me the "young lady" discount.

I remember someone once saying that if you have a hangnail, you're not really having a bad day. Being told you have cancer, or your child announcing he is gay, or your house burning down--those things qualify as having a bad day.

It's all in your perspective.