Thursday, August 28, 2008

Recyling Knowledge

It wasn't easy for him (read that: I forced him), but this morning Gary dumped 6-7 boxes of old journals into the paper recycling dumpster. This represents about half of what I wanted him to toss, but we've compromised at this amount and I'm glad for at least that. And since I'm so gracious in defeat, I won't mention that these journals go back 25 years in a field that updates itself very rapidly, nor will I mention the silverfish, and I certainly won't mention that the owner's eyesight is such that reading anything on paper is a chore. But I will mention that the Center will be very happy for his donation since they were just a ton short of having enough recycling paper to meet the double-pay bonus!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I got up early on Sunday morning and made a dozen of these blank cards to take to church to donate to the local crisis pregnancy center which our church supports. Blank cards was one of the things on their wish list. Then I forgot to take them. Maybe next week, if I haven't lost them by then.

Women's Work

Did you ever notice that when you finally get the kitchen cleaned up, somebody's hungry again?

No, I'm not the first woman in the world to notice that, nor the first or last to complain about it. And really, I'm not actually complaining, since I know we all need to eat to stay alive. Maybe I'm just feeling a little grouchy about it since I have a cold. Maybe I should live in one of those countries where the maids have maids. But, never fear, there is some good news about housework too--click here.

Men work from dawn
'til setting sun,
But women's work
is never done.