Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fall Creatures

Lots of interesting creatures in the back yard, even if the birds are few.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Internet Bird Collection

Since it is open to amateurs, I signed up at the Internet Bird Collection. I've uploaded one video (and it seems like the sound didn't work), and two photos:

African masked weaver
(14 second video)
Hemprich's Hornbill

Not that my photos are all that great, but still, it is fun to contribute.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Birds of the Fall Equinox

Birds of the Equinox

Mr. Ringer has organized the equinox bird lists up on Birdstack--go take a look (click the banner above). And join us for the next event in December.

I had the flu last week--no, it wasn't bird flu, but it might have been swine flu. I felt lousy all week, but did manage to go to the Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens on Friday, though I tried not to get too close to anyone. The weather was PERFECT, and here's the few birds I saw during the day:

Around the place:
  • crows--lots
  • grackels
  • hawks, but I couldn't tell which kind
  • rock doves--a million
At the Botanic Gardens:
  • robins--two
  • yellow-bellied sapsucker--one
  • superb starlings--yes, they have a pair living INSIDE the greenhouse!
At Cedar Hill State Park
  • some ducks
  • kildeer--3
  • great white egret--3
  • peeps--a pair of fast moving ones on the beach

I also saw a possibly new bird, but I really needed some help with the identification to know for sure. It was a small, thirsty blond sparrow playing in the fountain at the gardens.