Saturday, September 19, 2009


Maybe if I sit quiet she won't notice me.

This morning I worked like a "banshee" (Gary's word) to move a woodpile from spot A to spot B in order to tidy up the back yard and make it easier for Gary to mow. Turns out I disturbed an entire ecosystem that had set itself up since that tree fell down.

And this king-sized grass hopper seems to be missing a leg, so I had to take his photo too. After a week of rain, it seems like the plants and animals have sprung to life, including some mushrooms I've never seen before. (Don't worry, I won't eat them.)

I Need to Get Back to Birding

I've been neglecting this blog lately. I have been posting some on my family blog. I guess I just haven't had too much to say lately that wasn't family related.

My birding has suffered a serious setback in that the seals on the double paned glass on BOTH sides of the patio door have broken so they are a steamy mess. I can't see a bird unless the door is open! I need to get busy and get that replaced. And this isn't the first time we've replaced that sliding patio door for the same reason.
Birds of the Equinox
Anyway, looks like Birdstack is doing its semiannual thing, so I need to see what birds i can scare up. I need to get my bird feeders set back up too, buy some more seed, and find a pole to hang the humming bird feeder from. I've pretty much ignored the birds since returning from Ethiopia (and my birding marathon there) because I've been so busy helping my chickadee build her own nest. But most of that is in place and she's no longer needing our help now, so I'm going back to my birding and cardmaking and blogging habits/hobbies. And I've got some reading to catch up on, too.