Friday, February 09, 2007

Where the Cobs Live

If spiderwebs are made by spiders, then certainly cobwebs must be made by cobs, right? Haven't you always wondered how those cobwebs formed at the top of the window frames when you've never seen a spider any where in the vicinity?

Naturally, we must check to see what the the internet says about cobwebs.

Anyway, I found where they live at our house when I unloosened two painted screws over the air intake vents under the furnace.

Scary, huh?

I actually had a reason for doing this. I mean, who wants or needs to go looking for yet more dust in one's house? My reason had to do with the on-going process of getting a new water heater. The old one is still dripping, but not spewing, so I just had to see if I could tell where the drips were going.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Need More Detail

Ugh. For all that work I did yesterday trying to organize information to take to Rachel's new doctor, it turns out I still missed a bunch of stuff. It makes me want to go on a tirade about the medical industry and the bad job it does with patient records and about how I would fix it if I were in charge of the zoo.

In any case, I should have brought along the yellow International Certification of Vaccination card.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Summary of Life

Tomorrow morning Rachel has to go see a new doctor. Sad, but she's too old to keep going to the family doctor she's had since she was two and a half, someone who has known her well and really cared about her.

Anyway, in preparation for visiting this new doctor, I'm helping her summarize her medical history. You know they are going to hand her a massive set of papers to fill out when she gets there, so we're trying to get prepared for that.

Perhaps it was overkill, but I decided to do this right. I made a spreadsheet with the months of the year across the top, and the years of her life down the side, then further subdiving each year into these categories: Location, Education, Jobs, Medical, and Misc. Perhaps I'm being obsessive, but haven't you sometimes wished you had a concise reference guide to what you did when? (Or maybe your memory is so good you don't need that??) So the idea is to fill in the Medical row specifically for tomorrow, but filling in the Job and Education rows will help when filling out job applications, etc.

And, if anyone wants to write a book about her, think how valuable this will be. :-)