Friday, January 26, 2007

Climbing Higher

In spite of my reluctance to attend, I did actually enjoy my time at the retreat. Everybody was nice to me even though I didn't know many of the folks. I had many opportunities to answer the "Do you have children?" question, and my brain is still functioning well enough to get that one right.

We had ample unscheduled time, so we got to do a little hiking. I saw two new birds, but was only able to identify the ruby-crowned kinglet. I also saw a large water bird, probably some kind of dark heron.

If you're interested in a few more photos, click on the photo below.

Monday, January 22, 2007


We're off to Pine Cove Christian Camp near Tyler, TX in a couple hours. Gary will be giving a little talk, and I will be doing a little talking. And walking. And eating and sleeping and reading. No blogging, however, and no emailing, since the center has no connectivity. They claim to have cell phone coverage. We'll see.

Lest you decide to sneak in and clean my house for me while I'm away, let me assure you there is no need; our sweet daughter will be here as the caretaker. We return in a few days.

Oh, and as a follow up to my last post, I should report that the fishing net worked great. The HS boy who used it turned a kid-sized table over to turn it into a fishing boat from whence they could cast their net on the other side.