Friday, April 04, 2008


It has been a week since I've updated. I guess not too much exciting going on with me at the moment. The week did pass by quite quickly, so I guess I was busy doing something.

One thing I spent time on this past week was stuff for David and Sarah's upcoming wedding. Sarah's mom and I talked for a couple hours last Sunday evening, talking mostly about the family dinner that Gary and I will host, flowers, and travel and housing arrangements.

I decided to try the Google Calendar and Google Documents which are set up such that you can share ownership of the online documents. I made a calendar that includes all the travel information for all the out of town guests and invited David, Sarah, and Sarah's parents to collaborate with me on it. They have permission to edit the calendar so we can all be on the same (virtual) page. The calendar thing worked so well I also made a Google document spreadsheet with all the arrival and departure time for those traveling to Seattle so that Sarah's parents can us it to help arrange housing.

I got so enamored with the technology I decided to try Evite for the dinner we are hosting Friday evening, the day before the wedding. This dinner is in place of the traditional post-rehearsal dinner. (The rehearsal will actually be on Thursday night due to the fact that the wedding venue is not available on Friday.) I've made a draft of an Evite and but am still working on it:

In other news, it looks like Rachel has a new part time job at Sylvan Learning Center, a commercial tutoring service. She is supposed to start on Monday. It will only be a few hours a week for now, but she hopes it will grow into something more during the summer. She continues to do what she can to string a variety of part time jobs together, but none of them offer health insurance. She spent almost a full month's earnings on getting her eyes examined and buying new glasses recently. She has a difficult and expensive prescription, but she loves her new glasses and keeps going around noting how clear and bright everything is now! And if you want to know how her car had an accident a couple days ago while she was taking a nap, you can read about that here.