Friday, January 27, 2006

Still Job Hunting

I made Rachel stand still for this photo after she got home today from a job interview. She was happy that the interview went well and the principal of a local Christian school seemed interested in hiring her--except for the small matter that she didn't really have a position open :-( But it was a positive experience for Rachel, and there is a possibility that a content-mastery job could open up (that's like a tutor for kids who aren't keeping up with the rest of the class).

Yesterday Rachel got a funny phone call from a school where she had earlier phoned and left a message. Turns out what she thought was a preschool was really a school to teach handicapped adults how to be car mechanics! Not exactly up Rachel's alley, but she talked to the guy for 20 minutes anyway, discussing the possibility of an administrative job there.

In the meantime, she's just finished a typing job for an elderly couple in the neighborhood. Continue to pray that God will open up something suitable for Rachel, preferably within easy driving distance.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Book Port

Gary has bought himself a new toy, a Book Port. Not exactly a toy, really, since it is a way for the blind to read books. (Gary, you remember isn't really blind, he's just legally blind, from Stargardt's disease.) This device replaces a similar one that recently died and allows him to download non-copyrighted books from the internet for free and listen to them with text-to-speech software. He can also listen to a form of audio books for free since he has access to these copyrighted materials via websites for the blind. He is still figuring this machine out, but he has discovered he can download email or written reports into it and listen to them.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More News

We've already gotten word from someone that they can make up the $200/month loss in our support, at least for rest of 2006, thanks to the sale of some real estate. We thank God for the way he provides.

We continue to ask him to provide a job for Rachel. She called 10 places today, got three possible follow-ups.

I got my annual mammogram report back today, and unlike last year, this one was uneventful.

Rachel has decided to make a website for herself, mostly to post some of her photos. I'm helping her with the main page and links, but she's organizing and labeling all the photos. I suppose when it is ready, I'll post the link here.

Speaking of photos, Andrew told me about a trip they recently went on to distribute goats in a very rural area of Ethiopia. When I complained about not getting photos from him, he had to admit he has lost the power supply to recharge the battery. :(

I've started working on income tax preparation, always fun.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Catch Up on the Personal News

Not much exciting to blog about, so I'll see if I can think of a couple family things to mention.

David continues in medical school in Houston. He doesn't write often, or call, but when he does he either has 1)something funny to say, or 2) needs something. David, if you're reading this, don't forget you owe me $$ for car insurance. Love you, Mom

Andrew and Laura are doing pretty well in Ethiopia. Laura's mom visited them in January and bought them a satellite dish so now they have 15 new Arabic channels to watch soccer on. And a few English ones too. They are still wishing Laura could find a job, and we are all still waiting for paperwork from the Ethiopian embassy to be returned.

Rachel is still looking for a job, but she is doing some typing for an elderly family in our neighborhood. Not much money, but it gives her something to do. She really wants to buy a car, but has only $3000 and the car she really wants, a Toyota Echo, is about $5000. She can get a Corolla cheaper, but the Echo sits up higher, and she can see out of it better, something we feel is quite important in her case. So maybe the car purchase is on hold for a little bit until we can figure out what to do.

Speaking of money, we got a letter from a long term supporter saying they would have to end their support due to the husband having a stroke and now they need to pay for his round the clock care. We certainly don't begrudge them this; they have been faithfully giving to us for our whole missionary career. However, it means we need to find $200/month more support from another source (or maybe Rachel REALLY needs to get a job :-) Anyway, we expect the Lord to provide, as He always does.

Gary is doing well. He went to Albuquerque in January and plans a trip to Germany in February where he plans to visit both our exchange daughters on either side of attending a conference. Then Australia in March.