Friday, December 10, 2004


If someone lies to you, then admits they lied and apologizes, you should forgive them. No hard feelings. I understand that. But should you trust them to not lie to you again? Is that what it means to really forgive someone--to assume they won't lie again?

When we sin against God, then admit it and apologize, God forgives us. No hard feelings. But does he then assume we will not sin again?

Thursday, December 09, 2004


I've only been up for 30 minutes and I'm already having a bad day.

First, I nearly stepped on a hairball that the cat coughed up and deposited right outside my bedroom door.

Then I got an email from a friend, someone who had asked me for help with a personal problem, telling me he* has been lying to me. I'm sad because he felt the need to lie to me and I'm sad because he apparently has not been helped by my prayers and efforts on his behalf. (Am I just plain stupid to assume people are telling the truth? I'm so trusting and naive that I just assume people speak the truth when they talk to me. It doesn't even occur to me to question them.)

I know I cannot assume responsibility for the sins of others, but it still makes me sad.

*please remember that in English, the male pronoun can at times refer to persons of either gender.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Nice to See Rachel

Well, we survived our busy weekend, but just barely. All went well during the drive home from Oklahoma last night until we were 4-5 miles from home. Some guy decided he wanted the part of the freeway that we were occupying more than we did. I had to swerve over into another lane (at 65 mph) to avoid hitting him. Gary said, "Nice save," as my adreneline surged.

It ws nice to see Rachel. We arrived late Saturday night and dropped Laura at Rachel's room and then spent the night at a minus five star motel. Next morning we bought cinnamon rolls and ate them in the dorm lounge before going to her BIG church for the morning service. After that it was Taco Bueno (Laura's choice) then we hung out a little before taking Laura to the airport. Gary decided to pass the time by getting sick. So we snuck him into Rachel's room ("Man on the floor!") and he slept for a couple hours. I spent the time reading and commenting on Rachel's big paper that is due on Tuesday. It will be over 20 pages. At 6pm was Rachel's last college concert. There were 4-5 anthems followed by Mozarts's Coronation Mass which we enjoyed very much. Then the long drive home in the dark.

All went well with Laura here. She and David picked out and put up the Christmas tree on Saturday afternoon with help from the two little African boys from next door. It looks great and it was nice to have some help with it. Laura and Rachel stayed up late Saturday night with girl talk, which they seemed to enjoy. I got some good photos which I will have to organize one of these days, but I'm too busy at the moment.

Andrew is expecting a full written report about Laura's visit, but I told him I need a day or two for reflection first. But we did have a good time with her :-)