Friday, April 30, 2010

Flowery Day

I had a rough week with an emergency dental problem, but I went back to work this morning. And this afternoon I felt well enough to dig in the compost pile and then plant some flowers. I've posted some photos on my family blog.

I'm not having so many birds in the back yard these days, but today I had this assortment in one lensfu;. Click on the photo to get a bigger image so you can actually read it.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Answer to Prayer

No, not my prayer--someone else's. Two someone elses, in fact.

About 20 years ago we bought a used bunk bed set. It was Cargo furniture--very heavy and nearly indestructible. The set included a lower single bed, a loft bed, a little closet thing, a big chest of drawers, and a ladder. We used this furniture for our kids, and Gary always grumbled when he had to move it, but I insisted keeping it. You know, for grand kids. Actually, at the moment, Rachel is using the single bed at her house, so we have the futon frame as the lower bed for the bunk set, sitting at a 90 degree angle.

Well, this week it came to my attention that some friends needed a set of bunk beds for their boys. There was no handwriting on the wall nor plane writing cursive in the sky, but I just kept thinking I should donate the bunks to this family. I ran the idea past Gary, but he didn't have much to say. Finally, I decided to call them this afternoon, and they were happy to have the beds so they came over.

When the mom saw the beds she started crying and told us how her boys had specifically asked for the kind of bunks that you can put at 90 degrees to each other and, in fact, had been praying for that specific kind of bed but the boutique (aka missionary barrel) didn't have any bunk beds, let alone this kind.

After they left, Gary said to me, "Well, that explains why you gave up those beds. I never thought you would get rid of them."