Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Mind of a 5 Year Old

I'm happy to report that Rachel ended her student teaching in Kindergarten on a positive note. I enjoyed hearing her stories the last six weeks of the funny things that happened to her, most of which had nothing to do with teaching. Here are some examples:

Rachel: I got some nice gifts from my students when I finished student teaching.
Me: What did you get?
Rachel: An apron that is decorated with a cloth flower pot and flower petals which are the thumbprint of all the students.
Me: Cool.
Rachel: Yes it is. But I'll never use it. I'll just hang it on the wall for decoration.
Me: What else?
Rachel: A really ugly charm bracelet with school-themed charms. I'll never wear it, I'll just put it on the wall for decoration.
Me: What else?
Rachel: Kids' books. I'll use those.

Rachel: Mom, today one of the little boys unzipped the dress of one of the little girls.
Me, rather shocked: Whoa! What did you do?
Rachel: Well, I zipped it back up, of course.

Rachel: Today one of the kids hit me, and it really hurt.
Me: Did you hit him back?
Rachel: Of course not, do you want me to be arrested for child abuse?

Rachel: Today I got graded on how well I dressed for teaching.
Me: How did you do?
Rachel: Well, the teacher liked my new suit, but she said she couldn't give me full credit.
Me: Why's that?
Rachel: When I squated down to help a student the top of my underwear showed. I should have worn bikinis.

Rachel: But that's not as bad as what happened to this other student teacher.
Me: What's that?
Rachel: She leaned over a student and the kid asked her why her lungs were falling out.

Friday, March 04, 2005

We All Survived

Early this morning I heard a thud on the sliding glass door in the kitchen. One of my feathered friends was trying to get into my house and knocked himself silly. At first I thought he had killed himself, since he lay there on the deck with his head bent funny and not moving. In two or three minutes he stood up, and ten minutes later, flew away when I opened the door. I was glad he survived, so I didn't have to perform an avian mercy killing.

Speaking of birds, the blue parakeet was around quite a bit this afternoon again.

I'm still not completely over the cold or flu that got me this week, but I'll survive. I've not gone walking since I got sick.

David called to say that he donated blood for the first time today. Then he promptly fainted when it was over. But the nice nurses clucked over him and gave him food and OJ, so he survived.

Today was Rachel's last day as a student teacher in Kindergarten. I hope she calls me this weekend to tell me that she survived. She has next week of professional seminar, then spring break. On March 21 she starts her 2nd grade rotation. It will be nice to have her home for spring break. She will be graduating in no time. In fact, today I booked a hotel for us to stay in when we go to OKC for her graduation on May 14.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sick, but Not that Sick

I've been sick since Monday night, I think with the flu. I slept so much yesterday that when I woke up this morning, I thought it was Friday. Today I'm feeling somewhat better, and I did go to work this morning. In spite of being sick, I drove myself to Baylor hospital yesterday for a follow up mammogram, which turned out to be completely negative. Thank you, Lord. Flu, of course, is nothing compared to breast cancer.

Monday, February 28, 2005


Parakeet Posted by Hello

My feeder is for wild birds, but this parakeet showed up from somebody's birdcage. Actually, my bird book says sometimes tropical bird escapees find each other and start little foreigner flocks. I remember a few years ago seeing a small flock of parrots near our church in Dallas. A couple years ago I had a strange experience with a white dove. It was hot and dry summertime, and I was out watering the yard with a hose, and suddenly there was a white dove playing in the shower. For ever such a fleeting moment, I thought it was the Holy Spirit coming to visit me in a special way! I couldn't touch it, but it was somewhat tame. It flew just a few feet away and waited until I turned the water back on. I did a little research on the internet and learned it must have been one of those semi-trained white doves that they sometimes release at weddings. They usually fly back to their owner.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Off to Miami

Lunch with Teen Mania interns Posted by Hello

Gary and I attended Sunday School today, but left church early so we could fix a meal for the Teen Mania interns before they left for the next Acquire the Fire in Miami. We got them to Reunion Arena by 2pm.

Thank you Posted by Hello