Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today was a day to change my password. When Sarah was hospitalized with early contractions I changed my password as a way to remember to pray for her. Now we are thanking God for the safe delivery of a full term baby.

A New Bird (and a New Chickadee)

I saw a new bird for my life list on our short trip to Houston. But this isn't it! This is a photo of a little blue heron that got close enough for me to digiscope nicely. I even got a short video of him catching something and gobbling it up.

My new bird was a red-breasted nuthatch, but he wouldn't stand still long enough for a photo. And legally-blind Gary saw it first!! My slowly growing life list is at 295.

But the BIG news around her is the birth of our grand-chickadee Micah! We give thanks to God for a safe and healthy baby after a very difficult pregnancy. If you're interested in more details, click over to my family blog.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Andrew's Birds

I'm jealous of the birds Andrew gets to keep seeing. He finally got his new camera battery working properly, so he's got some new photos to send my way. The first bird is a Pintailed Whydah and the second an Abyssinian Ground Hornbill.

Speaking of birds, a new grand-chickadee is being added to the nest tomorrow, Lord willing. We're driving to Houston to welcome Micah.