Friday, October 26, 2012


Every so often I remember I have this blog and I remember that it was a good idea to keep track of what I'm thankful for.

  • The scriptures are full of examples of people being thankful, often when their lives were hard.  And besides that, scripture tells us, quite emphatically, to Be Thankful.
  • Even for people who aren't believers, thankfulness crowds out complaining, victimization, whining.  And don't we all prefer to be around people who are thankful rather than those who constantly complain about any and everything?
  • Being thankful is like being polite.  It acknowledges where we stand in relation to the rest of the universe.

So, I"ll add a few more:

492.  people who care about me being sick
493.  living long enough to see growth
494.  cooler weather
495.  a house to get dirty
496.  happy memories
497.  unlimited cups of hot tea
498.  opportunities to minister
499.  a chance to give stuff away