Friday, December 12, 2008

White Elephant Gift

Last night we joined our old Bible study group for their annual Christmas dinner--yummy Mexican. I brought homemade guacamole. After dinner we had the funniest white elephant gift exchange.

Gary's number was toward the beginning and he got some almonds. Then they were stolen. Then he got some mixed nuts. Then they were stolen. Then he got a block of cheddar cheese. Then it was stolen. Then he got a cheeseball covered with nuts--nobody took that. But at the end he found someone willing to trade it for some Christmas letter paper.

My number was at the end, and I ruthlessly stole the best gift of the evening from some visitor--he will probably never return!

Mooove over Marble Slab Creamery!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hi, Ma!

Sauerkraut continues to surprise me. First I learn that Ackley, IA, where my blogging friend Ma Hoyt lives, celebrates Saurkraut Days.

Then last week when I was at Sam's club, I discovered this at their food stand.

Yes, that's right. Single serve sauerkrauts sitting out for anyone to take. Of course, I noticed no one except me was taking. I guess some people can't eat a hot dog without kraut to go on top. As for me, I thought it would make some great blog material. On the other hand, Gary did actually open this package and eat the contents on the hot dog he had for lunch.

Gas Wars

Did I mention I filled up the van at $1.53 yesterday? *another little dance*

We saw it for $1.29 at two places on Sunday, but we didn't need gas then.