Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Eating

Now that Thanksgiving is here, Gary felt free to open the fruitcake he receives as an annual gift from my mom. No need for him to worry about anyone eating it away from him.

Since I wasn't making a big Thanksgiving feast myself, I decided to make some homemade dips: guacamole, pico de gallo, queso con salsa and onion. And plain salsa which was out of a bottle.

Today we were invited to a post-Thanksgiving dinner with the Sages. Barb always makes a feast including cranberry punch and 7-layer dip for an appetizer. And creamed onions, but I'm wasn't brave enough for that.

And she always sets a lovely table. We had a great meal and then some more football.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Have Something to Be Thankful For--It's a Baby!

Don't you think he* looks like his dad? Too bad, since his mom is lots prettier.

*which isn't to say it's a boy.

No Room for You

I should have gotten my lazy behind in gear and invited some friends over for Thanksgiving. Then I wouldn't be feeling sorry for myself today for being home alone. Well, not exactly alone--my husband and daughter are here too.

There were a couple awkward moments this past week when two different close friends cheerfully asked, "Do you have Thanksgiving plans?" To which I mumbled, "No, not really." Their demeanor immediately changed and they mumbled back, "Er, well, I'd like to invite you to my party, but, sorry, we don't have enough room."

"Not to worry," I cheerfully shot back, even it it was a half-lie. "We'll be having a big Christmas, so it is OK if we don't do anything special for Thanksgiving."

I did manage to invite ourselves over for dessert at one place, so we won't be alone entirely.

OK, I need stop pouting and go put that turkey in the oven anyway. Or maybe we should have popcorn.