Saturday, September 01, 2007

Another Empty Nest Post

Apparently my last Empty Nest Post hit a chord with a few other folks, because I ended up with an unusual number of comments. (BTW, thank you all for reading and responding.) Today I'm thinking some related thoughts.

Earlier this afternoon we attended the wedding of the son of coworkers we've known for many years. It was a simple wedding, and the bride was beautiful. The self-written wedding vows included a promise to care for the bride's six year old son. None of that sounds very unusual, but most people in the room never expected that Daniel would ever marry. Most of us are still surprised he is alive. Over 17 years ago, at the age of 17, Daniel contracted viral encephalitis which started out with a 108 fever causing brain damage. He nearly died then, and has been recovering for 17 years. We saw the slow steps of progress until now he can hold a job and drive a car. And more to the point, he can marry a woman whom he loves and who loves him.

So why is this an Empty Nest Post? Well, Daniel's parents decided some months ago to leave the comforts of Dallas and move to *#@&% (see, if I tell you the real country, I'd have to kill you, and then who would comment on my blog??) What to "do" with Daniel was an issue for his parents. For although Daniel has made unbelievable strides, he still requires someone to take care of him in certain ways. So, besides bringing happiness to the couple themselves, this marriage is a provision for the parents who now have an Empty Nest so they can move overseas for further ministry without worrying about Daniel's well being.

Those of us who have witnessed God's grace throughout these 17 years are so happy to see God bring Daniel to this point of living a productive and bringing him someone to love. It is a blessing to view this marriage as the way God is providing for Daniel, Vicki and six-year-old Steven to take care of each other.

Monday, August 27, 2007

More Symphonettes

A couple more of the the girls from our group have join Facebook and our now our Symphonettes Reunited has gotten a little bigger.

One of the girls pointed out the fact that three of our songs are on the school website, so I downloaded it here. I've never put an mp3 on my website, so I don't know if this will work. But if it does, you can hear a song that was recored about 35 years ago, and you'll never guess who played flute in it!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Baby Spit-up

I just figured out what that sour smell is I keep noticing. Maybe it is time to go change out of my church clothes. I now remember being baptized with regurgitated cottage cheese while in the nursery--which tends to ferment within minutes.

And what nasty looking baby food they sell these days. One parent packed a container of banana-plum-grape stuff--do you know what color those three ingredients make??

I was happy that the wailing chorus had turned into a babbling brook by the time each set of parents arrived.