Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shopping at Aldi's

They have recently opened an Aldi's grocery store nearby. I think there was a need for such a type of store and it appears to be doing a pretty good business. I had never heard of this grocery chain, but I like it. It is the opposite of an upscale place like Whole Foods--it is just a no-nonsense store with lots of items, but way fewer options with those items. For instance, there will be one brand in one size, rather than multiple brands in multiple sizes. There are some brand name items, but even more of their own store brand. The shelves are stocked with boxes of items, not items lined up nicely by a stocker. Another good thing is how fast the checkers work.

The prices are great. I've been surprised how little I've spent each time I've gone there. A gallon of milk is $1.50 and a dozen eggs went up to $.59 after the come-on price of $.49.

They have some reduced-calorie versions of items, but not all I've come to buy from Tom Thumb. The worst part of the store is their sad produce section. The fruits and veggies that are there are very cheap, but not very fresh looking. I am likely to keep making my weekly trip to Cox Farms Market.

And did I mention how cheap the prices are? That is the best part.

No, I spoke too soon. The best part is how much less time it takes to go shopping when you don't have to decide between so many choices! I know that is not really the American Way, but I'm not so fussy and I like having fewer choices if it means lower prices.

This chain also saves money by making you put a quarter deposit in the shopping cart which you get back when you return it--that saves hiring a cart wrangler. And they make you pay for your grocery bags, so that encourages people like me to use their reusable bags. And it also gives people like me a chance to show off the gifts they got while in the DR recently.