Saturday, October 01, 2005


This has been a pretty slow week for blogging. I just haven't felt very inspired to post much. I did take this photo this week of three butterflies chasing each other above a lantana bush.

One day this past week it was 104 degrees, and then a storm came and gave us just a little rain, and cooled things 10 degrees. But we need lots more rain, our whole yard is dead.

One small accomplishment for the week: I repaired 2 (two) VCRs. Now they both work again. It was just a matter of opening them up and finding the right place to clean and the right spot to replace a loose piece that fell out.

I haven't heard much from the boys this week. Andrew seems to not write as much as he used to now that he's married. Now there's a surprise, huh? I phoned David once this week, but he didn't answer. At least Rachel keeps talking to me. And she's been so happy lately, she hasn't even had anything to complain to me about.

Today we had a watermelon party in the neighborhood. It was a get-acquainted party for the residents' association. We are blessed to live in about the world's best neighborhood.

Speaking of good neighbors, my neighbor gave me a pair of Nike shoes today, worn about twice. She didn't find them comfortable, and they fit me perfectly. I had needed a new pair since I wear the outside heels off so quickly. The Lord provides.

Gary is at the Rangers' game tonight. I think it is their next to last game. A friend had an extra ticket. And Rachel is away at a party for the singles' group. I'm just home trying to think of something to blog about. And finish the laundry, and clean the kitchen, and you know.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Center Retreat

Today our entire Center was on a one-day retreat. The location was a large Baptist camp not many miles south of Dallas. It was a time of fellowship, teaching, and prayer, some of it outside in the still-100 degree temperatures. One of the best parts was listening to us sing--several hundred voices singing in gentle acapella harmony.

We were called together by a blast on the shofar. Our ethnomusicology team takes their job seriously.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blind Dates

Yes, I can say that's what I have--since my husband is legally blind. His disability is annoying at times, like when he doesn't notice that I lost 5 lbs. But, you know, he also doesn't notice if I gain 5 lbs. either. Yay! It is great to be loved unconditionally :)

Speaking of blind dates, I set up a couple of my young friends on one. I hope they don't end up hating me for it.