Friday, November 13, 2009

Confusing Fall Warbler

I sure wish I had some more know-how on bird identification. I'm not up to taking an ornithology class or anything quite like that, but I wish I knew what to look for when you can't hold a bird in your hand for detailed study.

Today I had to drive Rachel to another field trip, this time a dairy farm in Plano, so I passed the time at a nearby city park. It was a crummy park by all accounts, but there was a small wooded creek off to the side. I pushed my way thru the honeysuckle that was taking over, and was able to do a bit of bird watching.

I saw a yellow-rumped warbler. There was also a strange duck all my himself (maybe herself) who dived straight down and I never did see it come up! I have no idea where it went or what kind it was! There was also a sparrow with very clear gray and rust strips across its head, and a lightly streaked buff-colored bib, and a notched tail. Maybe Savannah sparrow?

Now that my patio door has been replaced, and now that the leaves are falling off the trees, I'm hoping to start seeing a few more birds in the back yard. On the other hand, the wooded lot behind our house is now starting to be developed, so I'm afraid the beep, beep of heavy machienery is going to scare all the wildlife away. :-(