Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Cat's In the Bag and Other Accomplishments

Today was the day that the nice vet, Dr. MacDonald, comes to the Center and offers free shots to all our pets. Free, but we all give a donation. Rachel and I don't have cat carriers, but we do have some extra pillowcases which work pretty well. Odd thing, the vet bent the needle while giving the shot with both cats! They didn't seem to notice, however.

In other news, Rachel completed 7 interviews in the last three days, for 7 out of the 9 elementary schools in our district. The one on Thursday was at the school itself; the other six were at the job fair this morning. She seemed to feel OK about how they went, but we just don't know how likely it will be that a job offer will be forthcoming. We continue to pray that just the right full-time position will open up for her.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I don't have anything much to say today, but I did want to show off this beautiful rose.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Walk

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous, so I went for a walk on the nearby trails. These trails are more or less maintained, but I did find a lot of poison ivy close to the trails anyway.

These trails have cute names like The Trail Down Under and MK Trace, but the one I went on was called Coon Crossing. I saw no coons, but I nearly step on this cool beetle:

This is the best time of year to look for wildflowers, and I found a few new ones to add to my collection. Here is a collage of the four new ones I found, but I was only able to identify 3 of the 4. If you want to see the names, check out my web album of flowers, wild.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Overall Apron

My project of a few weeks ago to make an apron out of one leg of a pair of old jeans was a moderate success. But really, only if the wearer was extra skinny. Then when Rachel handed me a couple old pairs of overalls to take to the boutique, I realized overalls would make an excellent apron, complete with built-in bib. So here ya go, shown on my headless model:

Maybe I'll start a new fad?