Saturday, February 12, 2005

Valentine's Weekend Continues

Michael the Archangel Posted by Hello

Today we drove to Plano to have potluck lunch with the Encore group from our old church, Kimball Free Methodist. The meal was at the new home of John and Shirley Collier. John is getting more famous by the day since he received the commission to make a memorial sculpture for a Catholic church that was on the edge of the 9/11 disaster. After a wonderful lunch, we drove to the Biblical Arts Center where John's four large sculptures are on display this month before they get shipped to NYC. John gave us a personal tour, providing commentary about each of the four statues. After a general explanation of how he was chosen to do this work, he gave us a simplified explanation of the complicated process that an artist goes through to change his clay sculpture into plaster and then into bronze. Then he revealed some of the hidden little secrets:

  • the foundry workers who cast the bronze were allowed to write their names on the back of the board that the Joseph statue is holding;
  • the serpent that is being hacked apart by the archangel Michael has a head with ten horns, but the head originally was to go on one of the other statues and became disformed when John accidently put it on its peg too roughly;
  • Mary Magdalene is standing like John's mother used to stand;
  • Joseph has a mole on his face in the same place John's dad has a mole.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Valentine's Weekend Has Begun

Gary consulting with Russell Cook Posted by Hello

Several days ago Gary decided to take this afternoon off work. He blocked it off in his electronic calendar, and no one asked for a meeting. We came home at noon and ate lunch, then drove to First Methodist church in Irving to attend the Winter Festival of Acoustic Music. This festival included hammered dulcimer workshops, which Gary didn't attend, but we poked our heads inside to see what one would be like. You have to bring your own dulcimer--which he has--and your own stand--which he doesn't have. He also doesn't yet have a carrying case.

We paid our $10 each and that allowed us to attend the afternoon concert and the crafts show. The crafts show was really just mom and pop booths for selling acoustic instruments and accessories. There were some cool things there, and Gary looked very carefully at all the books. After talking to him for 10-15 minutes, Gary ended up buying one book from Russell Cook who also autographed it.

We left after 5:30pm so that meant dealing with Friday afternoon traffic, but our journey wasn't long, so it wasn't too bad.

In other news of the week, all reports from Rachel seem pretty good. She had an evaluation on Wednesday and wasn't completely happy with it, but not too unhappy either. She is definitely learning a lot from student teaching, and really thinking hard if this is what she wants to do as a career. We are proud of how she has stepped up to the plate to get up early every morning, be prepared, and stay late many afternoons to finish up. She is learning that life as a Kindergarten teacher is anything but routine--something goes wrong every day that must be dealt with. One day it was snow. Another day it was spilled ranch dressing. Another day it was an absent teacher. Today it was an irate parent and a stranger trying to find a child who didn't exist.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bottom of the Pecking Order

I've been watching my bird feeder quite a bit on these cold winter days. (I know,I shouldn't complain, I live in Dallas.) Sometimes there is just one bird on the feeder at a time. Then another bird comes along and the first one flies off. But other times I've seen four or more different species on the feeder at the same time. But they don't stay for long with each one eating from his own corner. No, they fight each other off. The male cardinal beats the female cardinal who beats the juncos who beat the sparrows. The sparrows do seem to be at the bottom of the pecking order. Jesus must have known that when he said, "yet not one sparrow falls to the ground without the Father's consent."

This has gotten me thinking about life.

Monday, February 07, 2005


What are you reading? Posted by Hello
We enjoyed having Rachel home this past weekend. We met up with her SNU friends at Border's Bookstore in Hulen Street Mall in Ft. Worth on Sunday afternoon so she could get a ride back to school. These sculptures were outside the bookstore, and they make pretty good advertising. (For the record, Rachel did NOT want to pose for this photo, but I did warn her it might show up in the blog.)

We attended a Superbowl Birthday Party for our friend Bob who teaches history at UTA. His wife, always full of contradictions, served "trailer trash food" (her term, not mine--hot dogs and nachos) along with champagne. The men mostly watched the game and the women mostly talked about upcoming weddings. Our friends John and Shirley were there too, and we heard first hand about John's sculptures on display at the Museum of Biblical Arts until they are taken to NYC for placement at a Catholic church on the edge of the 9/11 site.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Kiss

The Kiss Posted by Hello
If you look at this photo hard enough you can find it.

We went to a wedding at our church yesterday afternoon. It was fun. Lots of church folks and lots of people from work were there too. Rachel and I served the punch, and out of all those people only one wisecracker came up and said, "Give me a punch."

At the last minute Rachel found a ride home for the weekend so she could attend this wedding. It was fun to hear her tales of her first two weeks of student teaching. She said the second week went better than the first. She starts "real" teaching tomorrow, so I hope the weekend at home hasn't worn her out. If you know Rachel and are reading this, please pray with me that God will give her strength, wisdom, and all that she needs to do a good job.