Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Does God Have A Plan?

  • A toothache made me get a dentist appointment.
  • The appointment was made for a certain day.
  • Though I usually walk to work, I decided to drive to the dentist due to bad reactions to dental work in the past.
  • When I tried to drive the car to go to the dentist, it only would go 5mph.
  • I called another coworker to take husband to airport though he had to leave 2 hours early.

I realized later than if I had not tried to drive my car to the dentist, I would have not turned it on until time to leave for the airport, only then discovering that the car wouldn't run, too late to get husband to airport for his flight.

Not everyone would view the above list of events as directed by God in any way. But some of us would.

Earth Day Review

The good things I did on Earth Day:
  • Put a new catalytic converter on my van
  • Did not drive for a day (see above)
  • Rid myself of an excess $500 (see above)
  • Found someone to pick up some groceries while they were at the store (see above)
  • Found someone to carpool with to the airport (see above)
The bad thing I did on Earth Day:
  • Turned on the air conditioning

Monday, April 21, 2008


I've just sent out my first ever Evite ( I hope people don't think I"m too lazy for doing this electronically instead of the old-fashioned way.

The invitation is to a combo BBQ and Baby Shower. Don't you think those two things go together pretty well?? The date is Sunday June 1 right after church. If you didn't get an invite and want one, let me know!
This will be a chance to welcome Andrew and Laura back to the United States where we think they'll be living for a while, but their job situation is still unclear. But what is clear is that Laura's tummy is getting bigger and bigger and they will need some baby stuff to welcome baby Isabella into this world. I found a bassinet at the botique, and Laura found a bunch of newborn clothes on ebay--other than that, they have nothing.

Rachel wanted this to be a Children's Book Shower, so that's what it will be. As a teacher, she is anxious that her first niece have a good library!