Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

Ton's Mongolian BBQ

Today is my birthday. My sweet daughter greeted me with a "Happy Birthday" and a hug first thing this morning. That was nice, since Gary is out of town and it is just her and me home.


We joined friends at my favorite restaurant for lunch. All went well until Rachel bit into something way spicier than she was expecting and turned purple.

Cards and gifts

I got lots of cute cards, a couple of nice gifts, and when we got back from Ton's, there were phone messages from my mom and from Gary. So I called my mom back and while I was talking to her on Rachel's cell phone, Andrew called from Ethiopia on the house phone. Had a nice chat with him, got caught up on his life and some of the wedding plans. (I'm sure David will remember to contact me too, but he's probably too busy running his electron microscope to call until later in the day...;-)

I am blessed, and I thank God for his graciousness to me.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Today Rachel and I made a visit to a famous location of missionary lore--the Boutique Formal Room. As you gain access to this hidden and well-guarded chamber, you step into an expanse of tulle and taffeta, satin and sequins, and layers of lace and beads adorning a raft of Cinderella dresses. All organized by color. Another whole wall awaits those girls whose Prince Charming has recently awoken them with a kiss (wait!--am I mixing fairy tales here?) and a promise to love them forever as they travel the globe together--even if he can't afford a diamond ring. And she, being the practical type, is happy enough to wear a used gown and turn it back in to await the next lady lucky enough to head for the field not an old maid.

Yes, there are wedding gowns, veils with headpieces, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride/groom dresses, flowergirl dresses, tuxedos, silk flower bouquets, beaded purses, shoes of every glamorous color you can imagine, strange undergarments to hold things in (or not) under the dresses, and don't forget those pens that have that two-foot feather sticking out of them to sign the guest book. All for free. The only requirements for shopping at this exclusive bridal boutique are a lifetime membership in WBT and a degree in donor relations (just kidding about that last part). Oh, and it also helps if you aren't especially picky.

Anyway, back to my point. Rachel and I found some shoes that might work for the wedding we will be participating in in early August.

Monday, June 27, 2005

At Peace

We discovered today that one can take a digital photo of an official transcript without the words COPY showing up as it does when you make a photocopy. These are things we are learning as Rachel continues to apply for paraprofessional teacher aid jobs. She still hasn't received her Oklahoma certification in the mail, but they have cashed the check she sent it with it. She has applied in Jerusalem and Judea, is starting applications for Samaria, but so far hasn't gotten to the uttermost parts of the world. Hard to do that without your own car; that remains a prayer request.

But speaking of transportation, Rachel has recently taken some concrete steps to getting involved in the singles group at church, and it turns out that one of the women lives less than half a mile away. So that should help her get rides when needed. Another side benefit of joining this group--she has found out that she is one of the youngest ones in the group, so maybe she'll quit whining about being on only one her age not yet married!

Actually, I shouldn't be so rough on her. She has been very emotionally even-keeled all summer. She hasn't been stressed out, and she has been basically a happy person. That has meant that I too haven't been stressed or upset. The Lord has been answering prayers in that regard, and I give him thanks. I had been worried about potential conflict now that my nest isn't so empty, but God has helped us to get along well and be at peace, for which I thank Him.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


More wild creatures trying to get into my house! Actually, it has been over a month since we've had any rain, so these animals may be coming to get a drink of the cat's water on the deck.

In other news, Rachel has decided to go on a missions trip with the singles group at our church. They've been planning this trip for a year, while Rachel was away at college, and have been doing fund-raising this whole year. At the last minute they had two people drop out, so Rachel decided the Lord was presenting her with this opportunity. The trip is July 9-17, to Los Angeles, working with the homeless with an organization called Center for Student Missions. They will be working in soup kitchens and with homeless children at Boys' and Girls' Clubs. Pray for her if the Lord brings her to mind.

Gary is off on his third trip in three weeks soon. He gets to visit David in DC and go to a Nationals' game. He'll be doing some work at the Library of Congress, helping them with language names. Then to Boston for a conference on endangered languages.

David is wrapping up his job at the National Cancer Institute. He will start his drive home on July 5. It will be nice to see him again, but he won't be home long as he will be off to Houston to secure housing for his move there to start medical school on July 25.

And Andrew's latest news is that he has managed to secure VAT tax exemption for his USAID project. He was happy about that.