Saturday, July 10, 2004

Life can be short

I hardly knew him, though he had been at our house not so long ago. I just know if he were my child, I would be devastated. Lord, take care of that family. Help them to love you though they must be hurting so much. Glorify yourself--though from my point of view, you could have thought of a better way to do so. Sorry, I shouldn't be insolent. You know more than I do.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Medical school

D. applied to medical school yesterday. He finished the process by borrowing my credit card to pay for the application--almost $400! It is a joint application for all schools and will be followed up by shorter applications to specific schools. He is looking at Ph.D./M.D. programs, and not all medical schools have them.

We've been offered a free car by friends who are getting a new one. I wonder if D. could take it to D.C. for his job there in September? Funny thing, the car they are offering is only one year older than our newer car.