Thursday, November 22, 2007

No Room for You

I should have gotten my lazy behind in gear and invited some friends over for Thanksgiving. Then I wouldn't be feeling sorry for myself today for being home alone. Well, not exactly alone--my husband and daughter are here too.

There were a couple awkward moments this past week when two different close friends cheerfully asked, "Do you have Thanksgiving plans?" To which I mumbled, "No, not really." Their demeanor immediately changed and they mumbled back, "Er, well, I'd like to invite you to my party, but, sorry, we don't have enough room."

"Not to worry," I cheerfully shot back, even it it was a half-lie. "We'll be having a big Christmas, so it is OK if we don't do anything special for Thanksgiving."

I did manage to invite ourselves over for dessert at one place, so we won't be alone entirely.

OK, I need stop pouting and go put that turkey in the oven anyway. Or maybe we should have popcorn.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

David Boyle