Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hi, Ma!

Sauerkraut continues to surprise me. First I learn that Ackley, IA, where my blogging friend Ma Hoyt lives, celebrates Saurkraut Days.

Then last week when I was at Sam's club, I discovered this at their food stand.

Yes, that's right. Single serve sauerkrauts sitting out for anyone to take. Of course, I noticed no one except me was taking. I guess some people can't eat a hot dog without kraut to go on top. As for me, I thought it would make some great blog material. On the other hand, Gary did actually open this package and eat the contents on the hot dog he had for lunch.


Mandie said...

Ha! I knew about these because my insanely cheep father takes handfulls of them in his pocket and then proceeded to push a handful into whichever sisters pocket is with him. Then he goes home and opens them all into one large jar. Then tells everyone about the free stuff he gets at Sam's club.

Apparently they also give out coffee and honey buns if you go at ungodly hours like 5 am. He often brings home at least 5 of these (I'm guessing that's all he can fit in his pocket). My husband told me this because my dad offered to get him some "free breakfast" one day.

Ma Hoyt said...

Wow. So..um...that is like the size of a ketchup packet and it squeezes out?

I'm just trying to picture sauerkraut, squeezing out...

And Mandie's dad reminds me of my mom, who would wrap up her Texas Toast that she couldn't finish from the cheap steakhouse, and take it home in her purse.

My mom grew up in The Depression.

Thainamu said...

Ha, Mandie, we got a laugh out of that! Ma, the package is about 3 x 2 inches. About enough for one hotdog squeezes out.