Monday, October 05, 2009

Birds of the Fall Equinox

Birds of the Equinox

Mr. Ringer has organized the equinox bird lists up on Birdstack--go take a look (click the banner above). And join us for the next event in December.

I had the flu last week--no, it wasn't bird flu, but it might have been swine flu. I felt lousy all week, but did manage to go to the Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens on Friday, though I tried not to get too close to anyone. The weather was PERFECT, and here's the few birds I saw during the day:

Around the place:
  • crows--lots
  • grackels
  • hawks, but I couldn't tell which kind
  • rock doves--a million
At the Botanic Gardens:
  • robins--two
  • yellow-bellied sapsucker--one
  • superb starlings--yes, they have a pair living INSIDE the greenhouse!
At Cedar Hill State Park
  • some ducks
  • kildeer--3
  • great white egret--3
  • peeps--a pair of fast moving ones on the beach

I also saw a possibly new bird, but I really needed some help with the identification to know for sure. It was a small, thirsty blond sparrow playing in the fountain at the gardens.

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