Friday, July 30, 2004

The story that never ends

Tonight we had Bible study again. Our group was a little smaller than usual because a few kids have had to leave Dallas. We have just two more weeks to go to finish the Gospel of John. I think next week we are going to have a cooperative pizza making party after the study.

After a couple hours of card games, the group decided to do some kind of cooperative storytelling. One person stared with a few sentences, then on to the next person to add a couple sentences, and so on. It was pretty funny to see the difference between the kinds of story elements the boys bring in (bows and arrows, blood) and the ones the girls bring in (conversation Valentine hearts). But really, I don't think this story is ever going to get to the "they lived happily ever after" part. It just keeps going and going.

Oh wait, it just turned one minute after midnight, and they did end up living happily ever after. Yay! I love happy endings.

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