Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Creatures from Honduras

You already saw my cool spider and bat photo a couple blogs ago. Here are the rest. This first thing is call a paca.

Next is a shy hermit crab.

A moving green lizard with a blue face.

A turtle who has seen better days.

And one of a line of ants that looked like we'd better not mess with them.


Ma Hoyt said...

1) About how big was the ant?

2) That paca looks not unlike a very big rat...

3) The lizard was most cool. How did you catch it while it ran so fast?

Thainamu said...

1. The ant was about half an inch long.
2. Yes, the paca is a rodent, but bigger than your average rat. More large squirrel size.
3. The lizard was really cool because it appeared to live in a perfectly camouflaged environment--green beach vine with blue flowers. David's camera is a fancy one where you can take consecutive photos very quickly, and he got several pretty good shots.

Of course, I'm still partial to my tiny camera because it is so portable, even if the photo quality isn't as good. If we couldn't take our cameras with us everywhere, how would we get so many photos for our blogs?