Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Intentional Dating

We had lunch recently with some friends who told us their son was dating someone. Since I know this fine young man personally, I pumped them for details. :-) I mean, isn't that what parents do when they get together--talk about their kids??

It was nice--indeed, inspiring--to hear the story of how their son was approaching this relationship. He had taken the time (and money and effort) to visit the girl's parents to ask them if it was OK with them if he pursued their daughter. How nice to learn that this sort of thing doesn't just happen in books and fairy tales--a real life case where the young man is intentionally seeking marriage, and in such a respectful way.

I hope the next guy who is interested in our daughter is like that.

(And I'd be proud of our son if did this when he finds a girl he is interested in.)

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silvr said...

my dad actually requires talking to any guy that is interested in dating his daughters. He believes he needs to let any young man know what is expected in our household so that he can hold them accountable to that.

So much for the guy asking, but i guess that comes when its time for marrying :)