Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Son Now Has a Blog

He has finally joined the 21st century.

But is this how I should find out that he's wearing a heart monitor and thinks his middle name is a girl's??

(Ma Hoyt might have something to say about both of these items: she knows all about bad hearts and men named "Loren.")


silvr said...

what is his middle name?

calm said...

This may just be a SWAG, but is his middle name Loren? If it is it's a cool name. Though it may sound like a girl's name, it is spelled differently, which may imply that it isn't intended to be. Secondly, I know a few guys where I live that have their first name as Lauren (dunno the spelling, but that's how it's pronounced).

Thainamu said...

Yes, his middle name is Loren, now what's wrong with that? He's an oaf.

And I had to look up SWAG. Here are the choices:
Scientific Wild Ass Guess
Semantic Web Agreement Group
Shock Wave Generator
Silly Wild Ass(ed) Guess
Simulated Waste Access to Ground Water
Sold Without A Guarantee
Sophisticated Wild Ass Guess
Souvenirs, Wearables And Gifts
Standard Written Agreement
Still Wondering and Guessing
Stolen While At Gig
Stuff We Acquired Gratis
Stuff We All Get

calm said...

cross reference that with the context in the comment and see which one fits best.

Ma Hoyt said...

(I thought I'd commented before, but must have lost it)

So nice to have another blog bookmarked on my sidebar :-) Now I can follow two (potential) doctor-types.

Hope the heart business turns out to be nothing....