Wednesday, December 20, 2006

God Bless This House

Tonight our home group from church enjoyed a lasagna dinner at the lovely home of one of our members. Right after that we piled into a couple vans and drove over to an apartment complex where a couple single women live we've been trying to get to come to church. We caroled for them, and boy were they surprised.

Right after that we went over to a house in town that another one of our members just closed on today. But between the time she made an offer and today some people had broken the back door in and had a party (and I don't mean the kind of party us church folks have!). We stood around our friend and laid hands on her and blessed her house. I only had enough faith to ask God to help her get the door jamb repaired and new locks installed quickly; some others of us asked God to chase out any demons left behind from previous occupants.

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