Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Waste Management

I guess it is getting pretty bad when you can't think of any better way to waste people's time than to post about trash cans. I could have recycled some old topics, but instead, I'm making bad puns.

I do like the new blue bins we got to place our recyclable materials in. Dallas as been slower than it should have been in getting around to this, IMHO. But, really, do we need bins this big, even if they are emptied only once every two weeks?? For that matter, do we need regular trash bins this big? I know in Texas everything is bigger, but it seems that oversized trash bins, picked up twice a week, only encourage over consumption of over packaged consumer goods. I can go 2-3 weeks before setting the trash bin out for pickup. (I guess that is partly because I put the "stinky" food scraps into the compost pile instead of into the trash.)

OK, let me know if you can think of anything more interesting for me to blog about. I'm hitting a dry spell, it seems.


BishopCMB said...

Interesting -- I'd forgotten that trash pick-ups happen twice at home. Here in Seattle, where they believe in justification by recyling, pick-ups only happen once a week, and if your trash appears to consist of more than ten percent recyclable material, you get fined.

Thainamu said...

Wow, sounds like they take it pretty seriously. But then, they've got more beauty to protect than Texas!

Ma Hoyt said...

It is my humble opinion that nothing is too trivial to blog about.

MoM said...

We in CA employee a person known as the trash police. Really this week a lady came around who looks in the dumpster...If she finds recyclables...no trash pick up even if you pay for it. Ahe provided us with a double sided sheet telling us what trash goes where. What is the world coming to??