Monday, September 03, 2007

Closet Cleaning

A year ago I helped my daughter go through her closet to sort out her clothes so she could buy some new ones "for work." Well, now we're doing it again for ostensibly the same reason, although I suspect it is just to make up a reason to go shopping. (Did I ever mention how I hate shopping??)

In any case, she has lost several pounds since a year ago, so she does need some new clothes because some of the old ones don't fit. But I still hate shopping.


mandie said...

now tell me this. My husband came to me with about 2 pairs of shorts a few pants a ton of old ratty t shirts and 2 pairs of brown shoes. Now everytime we go shopping he insists on buying something new to add to his wardrobe, does being married change this?

Thainamu said...

Isn't he too young for mid-life crisis?