Wednesday, September 19, 2007

White Kitty and Black Mouse

I'm thinking I should call this photo "Cat and Mouse."

This cat has been driving us crazy of late. Last night, or should I say at 2:30am, we were jarred awake with a great crash. The cat had gotten on a metal gadget that I store colored papers in and flipped it over onto the floor. Then two hours later it woke me up again. We can't put it outside at night for fear of the coyotes, and even so, it has figured out how to jump up into the high bathroom window and scratch on the window until we let it in anyway. The other problem is it has figured out how to turn the bathroom faucet on--but not how to turn it off, of course. It prefers running water to a water that's been sitting around in a bowl all day!

We keep wondering when this cat is going to die, but it seems to still be going strong. It showed up as a stray the night of Andrew's graduation from HS--over ten years ago now.

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Anonymous said...

as for the water thing, my moms cat did that, they finally went out to the store and bought a cat fountain. the cat nows just enjoys the water from there (and playing in it) and no longer turns on the faucet)