Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is it Gleaning, Scrounging, or Stealing?

There are three pecan trees growing along the sidewalk at the entrance to my neighborhood. I walk past them every day when I go to the office. Sometimes I stop and pull some weeds out of the nearby flower beds which usually look pretty bad due to neglect.

Now it is pecan season, so each time I walk by I stop and pick up a few pecans that have fallen to the ground. It looks like we're going to have a bumper crop this year. Then I come home and crack a few at a time and try not to eat them all so I can have some for later.

Probably somebody legally owns these trees, but no one seems to emotionally own them or the flowerbeds. I'm going to set that issue aside and just try to get to some of these lovely pecans before the squirrels do.


Melchizedek said...

Hmm, technically it's probably stealing.

Thainamu said...

Well, if that's your attitude, no pecan pie for you!

Ma Hoyt said...

If the pecans are on the sidewalk, that might be considered public property.

Or, you could consider converting to Catholicism.

Melchizedek said...

Fortunately, I am able to eat what is put on my plate without asking questions for conscience's sake.