Sunday, December 30, 2007

Linda's Best Present

Actually, this was my anniversary present from my 32-years married husband.

Also, I got many nice things for Christmas, including a new set of silverware (12 place settings). I was glad David took the old set off my hands so I wouldn't feel too wasteful.

In another day or two I hope to post an album of all the Christmas activities.


Sharon said...

Ooooo! I didn't even know Dove's had specific higher grades of dark chocolate!

(Is it just me or are the percentages of 63 and 71 kind of weird?)

Mrs. Elliott said...

Yum! Looks and sounds like you all had a lovely Christmas! Hope you have a fantastically happy new year too!

Ma Hoyt said...

Suddenly I feel hungry...

eclexia said...

I agree! Chocolate is a great gift.

I like dark chocolate and have been experimenting with "how dark can I go"? The 60 to 70 percentage range seems just about right to me.

It is interesting to think, Sharon, why they choose those specific numbers. Marketing? Or is it something scientific?