Friday, February 01, 2008

Gary Had a Little Lamb

It followed him to work one day.

Or was it a goat?

Yesterday after lunch when Gary started crossing the street to go back to the office, he noticed a goat was following him. So he turned around and walked back to the front door of the goat's house and rang the doorbell, closely followed by the goat. The child who answered the door grabbed the goat by the horn and walked it through the house back outside to the fenced backyard to join the other goat and sheep and two dogs. Apparently it had dug under the fence. Or jumped over it. Yes, we live in Dallas.

And in other news, I'm trying to make a back up of all my photo files. So far, I'm onto the third DVD full of them. This past week I was reminded how important back ups are when I couldn't find any of my bird photos. Somehow I had moved the whole folder into another folder called "test" and then deleted it. But I discovered I had made a backup onto Gary's computer (via our household network), so I was able to recover my 216 bird photos. (Not that they were priceless works of art or anything, but I still didn't want to lose them.) And if it weren't for Google Desktop, I never would have found them in the fist place.

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Mandie said...

really? do you have any online? Apparently my photographer has some, but never gave them to me despite me begging him for years about it.