Saturday, February 23, 2008

View From My Desk Meme

I was tagged by Lingamish to provide a photo of the view from my desk. Lingamish is a coworker whom I've never met IRL, who lives in Africa, and who seems to have VERY good internet access by the volumes of things he posts in his variety of blogs! (We hear complaints of poor web access from other places in Africa, but Lingamish gets none of our sympathy on that front.)

We've turned one of the kids' bedrooms into a large home office with our computers just a few feet apart. You can see (even if he can't) that my beloved has a BIG screen and a BIG closed circuit TV as aids to help him cope with Stargart's disease. He does a great job with that, and manages almost always with a cheerful attitude. Also, if you look very carefully you can see his mug has a Lingualinks logo on it.

One reason our computers are so close to each other is because I read his work email to him out loud each morning before going to the office. It is tedious, and we get annoyed with each other during the process, but it does help him to cope because reading is so slow for him.

And speaking of computers near each other, when asked (like at a wedding shower) what bit of advice I have for the new couple, I aways tell them: if you and your spouse both have computers, put them in the same room.

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lingamish said...

Excellent advice! Hilary keeps her laptop in the kitchen but that's in the room next door. And the kids are in the next room homeschooling on their laptops!

And as for my mad blogging behavior. My connection truly is terrible but I'm resourceful and persistent. ;-)