Tuesday, March 25, 2008

German Bread and Picnicking

Rachel has really been getting her dose of Germany this month. (BTW, she has posted her photos on her blog and Facebook, if anyone is interested in seeing them.) Just a few days after returning from Germany, a German friend came to visit. Laila and Rachel decided to make German Bread, and it turned out really well.

Laila is the younger sister of Rachel's friend Daniela whom she knew during high school days.

We've taken Laila shopping and she is filling up her suitcase with vanilla root beer, beef jerky, and fruit rollups.

Laila joined us tonight we took our soup group to Cedar Hill State Park and didn't have soup! Instead it was burgers and brats and smores, of course.

We didn't manage to get our group-lounging-on-the-blanket photo before the sun fell into the lake. And by the looks, the cement pad where the picnic table used to be is also falling into the lake. Erosion happens.

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