Saturday, March 08, 2008

Life Goes On

The baby shower was oozing in hormones--three pregnant women were there. Janet and Sarah made some great sandwiches and Italian cream cake was for dessert. Gwennie got lots of nice baby boy things. There was a game to guess the mother-to-be's girth. Another old lady and I tied with a guess of 40 inches. So she and I had a playoff by guessing the measurement across the belly, top to bottom. I won with 14 inches, and got a Starbucks card for my reward. Too bad I don't like coffee.

The wedding was nice too. Lovely hammered dulcimer and guitar music by Paul and Cathy McAndrews. There was a minor hitch during the ceremony when the unity candle refused to stay lit. They kept trying and trying. The accompanying song finished and they still kept trying. Finally a groomsman produced a jackknife from his pocket and the groom did some excavation on the candle, and then it stayed lit. Pastor Ken used it as a humorous teachable moment: "You know, becoming one isn't all that easy." True enough.

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