Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It's Time for School

This morning I drove through the parent drop-off lane and left my child at Acton Elementary. It brought back memories of years past, but this time I was dropping off a teacher, not a student. (Well, not a regular teacher, a sub.) The school looks pretty much like it did 20 years ago, at least on the outside.

Speaking of teacher, Rachel started her new part time job last night at Sylvan Learning Center. It went pretty well, and they've told her she can get paid for the times she came and observed in the last two weeks, so that is nice. They don't actually do the official training (which she also gets paid for) until you've worked a week. I see some wisdom in that because it will make you pay attention better if you already know what parts are hard. One immediate need is to learn a bucketful of acronyms--each book has a different name and the teacher worksheets are loaded with what looks like cryptic code.

And hopefully she can get back to driving herself to work tomorrow because a few minutes ago we picked up her car from the body shop. Once it gets a new headlight, it will be back in business. The parents of the 4-year old who caused the accident will be happy to learn how little the nice guy charged to do the repairs.

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