Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby Report

It is official--there are four generations living in my house at the moment. Maybe later we can get a photo documenting that fact.

We've just gotten home safely from the hospital--discharging was a lengthy process--and now the new family is trying to get settled. Their small end of the house might work for two people, but now there are four living there--mom, dad, baby, and maternal grandmother.

I've made Isabella a bilingual Birth day cake--that will probably show up in tomorrow's photos.

Lord, get them off to a good start as a little family.


mandie said...

she is soo adorable i bet you all are just eating her up. I just came home from the hospital visiting our "niece" i already want to go back and hold her. Only 3 more years i keep telling myself :)

Thainamu said...

She is, indeed, adorable--so alive!

When do you guys cross the pond? Are you excited or scared?

Chris Austere said...


Ma Hoyt said...

Wow, Thainamu...she is an alert little babe :-)

By the way, for a new grandma I think you are displaying remarkable restraint, picture-wise.

I've enjoyed the Picasa, baby....but I was wondering if you have the kind that go in your wallet and when you bring them out to show people at the grocery store they unfold, accordion-like, in a string of a hundred or so...

Thainamu said...

Ma, I have been relying way too much on internet photos. Someone at church scolded me for not having photos in my wallet. Yes, I need to do that soon!