Saturday, August 23, 2008


I'm going to have to start adding tags to my blogs. (Tags are words that the software uses to index or label the topic of the post.) The reason I need to do this is because I'm getting so forgetful and tags would help me to know if I've already posted on a given topic or not.

Like tonight. I'm thinking about hope and disappointment. I half think I've already written on this topic. Not that it matters--after all, if I'm just talking to myself, I'll forgive myself for repeating myself, won't I? Again.

Anyway, I'm wondering if it is better to have high expectations and high hopes and suffer from repeated disappointments, or is it better to have no, low or modest hopes in order to protect oneself from disappointment?

The good thing about low expectations is that seldom are you hurt and sometimes you're even pleasantly surprised. The bad thing about low expectations is the nagging shadow that you've sold yourself short.

The good thing about high expectations is that when they are met there is great satisfaction and joy. The bad thing about high expectations is the huge risk that the answer will be no.

Today I told someone, "Don't get your hopes up--what if you're disappointed again?" They replied, "Don't tell me not to have hope!"

Is persistence a good thing? Or is it insane?


Ma Hoyt said...

I personally think God can use both kinds of people, if indeed, there are only two...

Perhaps those of us who tend to have low expectations help to balance out those who are hopping around with stars in their eyes, and visa versa.

MAY-be God even uses different levels of "hope" for different situations.

I do think that those who have high expectations tend to think they are right more than "we" do, because...well....we who have low expectations don't have the confidence to challenge those of the high-expectation crowd.

And I don't imagine everyone will agree with my outlook :-p

Thainamu said...

Thanks, Ma. One of my favorite cartoons is a mother reading a fairytale book to her children in bed: "...and the prince and the princess lowered their expectations and lived happily every after. The end."